Tuesday, 27 June 2017

William Huggons

Ceramic vessel with turned spinning top lid by William Huggons a recent graduate of Plymouth University.
William Huggons experiments with timber like a ceramicist with experiments with firing and glazing, below are some turned ash experiments, planted in the tide break to experiment with how the salt water changes it.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Joshua Milton

Frames chair by Joshua Milton is part of 'The Frames Range' consists of seating, tables and storage. Developed from a starting point of rectangles, manipulating and layering them to make mechanical sense. Josh Milton has graduated from Plymouth University  . Having gained experience Benchmark, Josh's designs won second place in the National Felder Furniture Design Competition.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Lucy Danby

Taboo is a dressing table designed by Lucy Dandby that aims to reduce prejudice and discrimination. The components and features that represent the seven deadly sins encourages the user to become a better person based on their own judgement. Lucy is an MDes graduate of Furniture and product design at Sheffield Hallam University.

"Taboo aims to reduce the prejudice and discrimination of people based on their appearances.  The dressing table has components and features that represent the seven deadly sins.  For example, lust is represented by silicone nipple drawer handles which are designed to cause either discomfort or guilty pleasure. " Lucy Danby

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Jesse Cracknell

"Karesansui is a project that investigates the tradition of the Japanese rock garden, taking visual inspiration to inform an explorative process which combines both handmade and CNC manufacture. Directly translated as ‘dry landscape garden’, the discipline of karesansui imitates the essence of nature, promoting calmness and evoking a sense of contemplation. The furniture in this series attempts to recreate the tranquillity of these gardens by incorporating routed waveform designs through use of the CNC router. The resulting aesthetics complement the functionality of the piece producing areas which provide a focus for personal objects to be placed." Jesse Cracknell
Jesse Cracknell has just graduated from Manchester School of Art in product design.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Colin Bate

Colin Bate's wonderful steam bent, wovern designs were part of the annual Chippendale graduate show in Edinburgh last week, with his loopy desk and a matching chair being the focus pieces of his display. 

"The Loopy Desk. Steam bent Olive Ash loops with Oak spacers and breadboard ends. Testing the limits of steam bending, so much has been learned from this project which started as a small sketch and optimism. It was interesting to see how the table progressed and what was possible. One obviouse crux was keeping a flat table top after putting 6 loops in it, this had to be considered when creating the leg design which supports and maintains the level of the top." Colin Bate 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Robert Vowels I

Yesterday I attended an exhibition at Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh of this year's graduates from Chippendales International Furniture School. This is Robert Vowels drinks cabinet which has a complex puzzle mechanism to locate the key and keyhole. Robert has worked as a tree surgeon across the world and uses mainly recycled exotic timbers in his designs.
"Inspiration for this drinks cabinet came from the Japanese puzzle boxes that have been baffling the world for many years. I decided to make the door a series of moves one must complete before revealing the key. When the user finally gains access they are rewarded with a psychedelic geometric marquetry pattern that is enhanced by a rear mirror and mirrored shelf." Robert Vowels 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Naomi Nicholl

"In recent years the way we experience intimate relationships has changed. There is a powerful trend to gauge intimacy through the superficial lens of a consumer society – novelty, immediacy and disposability.Catalogue for Intimacy explores the concept of intimacy through four different forms: physical, emotional, experiential, and cognitive. Each of these forms is explored verbally and through visual example, the latter providing a potential solution to the problems expressed." Naomi Nicholl
Naomi Nicholl has just graduated with a BA Hons in Graphic Design from Edinburgh College of Art her work has been in concept driven design and particularly exploring intimacy between strangers, through creating experiences that only function when two people are involved. Naomi likes to create work that crosses boundaries of art and design and encourages human interaction.